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Ningbo Zhongli John Seals Co., Ltd.

Address:Build #7-103, Qidi industrial Park, No.299 Siming East Road, Fenghua, Ningbo Zhejiang China 315504

Tel:+86 574 8891 1322

Fax:+86 574 8895 2096


General manager:+86 135 6633 2298(Mr. bill fang)

Sales Manager:+86 136 8580 9470(Mr. kerkevin)

Email : sales@zlseals.com           fang@zlseals.com

Web:  www.zlseals.com


Important news: Ningbo Zhongli John Seals Co., Ltd. completed the new plant and moved the plant to the new industrial park

Recently,  due to the demolition of Tengtou Industrial Park in Fenghua District  where the original site is located into an urban residential area,  Ningbo Zhongli John Seals Co., Ltd. has successfully moved to a new  factory in June 2020.


The  original factory of Ningbo Zhongli John Seals Co., Ltd. has been put  into use for 20 years. Because it is located in the city center, the  land price is rising day by day, and it is within the scope of  government relocation. In May 2019, the company invested 20 million RMB  to purchase a new plant in Qidi Industrial Park, No. 299 Siming East  Road, Fenghua District. After 3 months of intense decoration, 3 months  of relocation, equipment installation and commissioning,it will be put  into production smoothly in June 2020.


The  new factory area has set up office area, mechanical seal grinding  processing area, CNC machining center production area, Carbon seal ring  processing area, stainless steel metal spares processing area,  mechanical seal assembly area, testing center laboratory, and supporting  storage center, living services In areas such as the fitness center, a  comprehensive large-scale mechanical seal manufacturing plant has been  established that integrates mechanical seal design, production, parts  processing, assembly, testing and other functions, with an annual  production capacity of 1 million sets of mechanical seals.